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A black hole-aided deep-helix channel model for DNA.

Sarker, Md. Abdul Latif; Kader, Md. Fazlul; Sarker, Md. Mostafa Kamal; Lee, Moon Ho; Han, Dong Seog


Md. Abdul Latif Sarker

Md. Fazlul Kader

Md. Mostafa Kamal Sarker

Moon Ho Lee

Dong Seog Han


In this article, we present a black-hole-aided deep-helix (bh-dh) channel model to enhance information bound and mitigate a multiple-helix directional issue in Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) communications. The recent observations of DNA do not match with Shannon bound due to their multiple-helix directional issue. Hence, we propose a bh-dh channel model in this paper. The proposed bh-dh channel model follows a similar fashion of DNA and enriches the earlier DNA observations as well as achieving a composite like information bound. To do successfully the proposed bh-dh channel model, we first define a black-hole-aided Bernoulli-process and then consider a symmetric bh-dh channel model. After that, the geometric and graphical insight shows the resemblance of the proposed bh-dh channel model in DNA and Galaxy layout. In our exploration, the proposed bh-dh symmetric channel geometrically sketches a deep-pair-ellipse when a deep-pair information bit or digit is distributed in the proposed channel. Furthermore, the proposed channel graphically shapes as a beautiful circulant ring. The ring contains a central-hole, which looks like a central-black-hole of a Galaxy. The coordinates of the inner-ellipses denote a deep-double helix, and the coordinates of the outer-ellipses sketch a deep-parallel strand. Finally, the proposed bh-dh symmetric channel significantly outperforms the traditional binary-symmetric channel and is verified by computer simulations in terms of Shannon entropy and capacity bound.


SARKER, M.A.L., KADER, M.F., SARKER, M.M.K., LEE, M.H. and HAN, D.S. 2022. A black hole-aided deep-helix channel model for DNA. Research square [online], 10 January 2022, Preprint (version 3). Available from:

Publicly Available Date Oct 4, 2023
Keywords Black hole; Black-hole-aided Bernoulli-process; Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA); Deep-helix; Deep-pair-ellipse; Beautiful-circulant-ring; Central-black-hole; Deep-double helix; Deep-parallel strand; Composite like information bound
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SARKER 2022 A black hole-aided (PREPRINT) (264 Kb)

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