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The participatory medicine attitudes of general practitioners in Greece: an information behaviour perspectives.

Kostagiolas, Petros; Martzoukou, Konstantina; Kakavitsas, Fivos; Niakas, Dimitris


Petros Kostagiolas

Konstantina Martzoukou

Fivos Kakavitsas

Dimitris Niakas


Serap Kurbanoglu

Joumana Boustany

Sonja Špiranec

Esther Grassian

Diane Mizrachi

Loriene Roy


General Practitioners (GPs) need to keep up with a wide range of medical conditions and at the same time closely interact with their patients to provide preventive care and health education. This requires effectively sourcing, utilizing, and sharing quality information with their patients as well as creating participatory and shared decision-making health environments. This paper explores the information seeking behaviour of GPs and their attitudes towards participatory medicine (PM). A questionnaire based survey with GPs in Greece, registered with the Hellenic Society of General Practitioners (HSGP) was conducted and included an exploration of three different information seeking dimensions (information needs, sources and barriers) that were associated with GPs' perceptions of PM. The survey results demonstrate an interplay of demographic and contextual factors in the choice of information sources and the barriers encountered and conclude that the effective utilization of online information sources is an essential condition for PM practices.

Start Date Oct 19, 2015
Publication Date Feb 10, 2016
Print ISSN 1865-0929
Publisher Springer (part of Springer Nature)
Pages 383-393
Series Title Communications in computer and information science
Series Number 552
Series ISSN 1865-0929
ISBN 9783319281964
Institution Citation KOSTAGIOLAS, P., MARTZOUKOU, K., KAKAVITSAS, F. and NIAKAS, D. 2015. The participatory medicine attitudes of general practitioners in Greece: an information behaviour perspectives. In Kurbanoglu, S., Boustany, J., Špiranec, S., Grassian, E. and Mizrachi, D. (eds.) Information literacy: moving toward sustainability; revised selected papers from the 3rd European conference on information literacy (ECIL 2015), 19-22 October 2015, Tallinn, Estonia. Communications in computer and information science, 552. Cham: Springer [online], pages 383-393. Available from:
Keywords Information seeking; Information needs; Participatory medicine; General practitioners; Survey; Greece


KOSTAGIOLAS 2015 The participatory medicine attitudes of general (654 Kb)

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