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Baxter, Graeme; Marcella, Rita


Graeme Baxter

Rita Marcella


This conference paper presented the emerging findings of research which explored the relationship between post-truth politics and Scottish citizens' information behaviour. The research consisted of two key elements. Firstly, an online survey (538 responses) gathered citizens' opinions on the reliability of five images containing various 'facts and figures' that had been posted on social media by Scotland's five main political parties. Secondly, 23 extended interviews with citizens explored their response to information explicitly presented as 'the facts' on the websites of the five main Scottish parties.

Presentation Conference Type Lecture
Start Date May 4, 2017
Publication Date May 26, 2017
Institution Citation BAXTER, G. and MARCELLA, R. 2017. #alternativefacts? Citizen's perceptions of the reliability of 'facts' presented online by political parties in Scotland. Presented at Staffordshire University Library Teachmeet: information literacy and making judgements: from Brexit to The White House, 4 May 2017, Stoke-on Trent, UK.
Keywords Political parties; Facts; Falsehoods; Scotland
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