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Reproducibility of body volume assessments in survival clothing in fixed and portable scanning systems.

Ledingham, Robert J.; Nevill, Alan M.; Stewart, Arthur D.


Robert J. Ledingham

Alan M. Nevill


The recent development of portable 3D scanning systems for industries such as animation and museum artefact digitisation have considerable potential for applications involving human body measurement. However, this requires a system for validation of measurements against a criterion, which this study aimed to provide. Forty four adult males were scanned in duplicate in both a fixed Hamamatsu and portable Artec L scanning systems in two postures and two different clothing assemblages. Following inspection of all scans, complete data for duplicate scans of 38 participants were available for the study. Both scanners demonstrated good precision, however significant differences in body volume prevailed for both egress and scanner postures in form-fitting clothing and the scanner posture in survival suit scans, with the Hamamatsu providing greater volumes than the Artec system (by 2.7, 2.8 and 2.1 litres respectively). Regression analysis indicated the results from the portable scanner explained between 96 and 98% of the variability in the results from the fixed scanner. The biases in body volume probably relate to different software approaches to its calculation, and a possible interaction with posture and clothing. Validation of the Artec against the Hamamatsu system provides valuable information for its use in field and industrial settings.

Start Date Nov 19, 2013
Publication Date Nov 30, 2013
Publisher Hometrica Consulting
Pages 355-359
Institution Citation LEDINGHAM, R.J., NEVILL, A.M. and STEWART, A.D. 2013. Reproducibility of body volume assessments in survival clothing in fixed and portable scanning systems. In Proceedings of the 4th International conference on 3D body scanning technologies (3DBST 2013), 19-20 November 2013, Long Beach, USA. Ascona: Hometrica Consulting [online], pages 355-359. Available from:
Keywords 3D scanning; Body volume; Posture; Survival clothing


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