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Numerical investigation of two-phase flow induced local fluctuations and interactions of flow properties through elbow.

Chinenye-Kanu, Nkemjika Mirian; Hossain, Mamdud; Droubi, Mohamad Ghazi; Islam, Sheikh Zahidul


Nkemjika Mirian Chinenye-Kanu

Mamdud Hossain

Mohamad Ghazi Droubi

Sheikh Zahidul Islam


The local interactions and fluctuations of multiphase flow properties present in upward slug/churn flow patterns through a 900 pipe bend has been investigated. Numerical modelling technique using the Volume of Fluid method (VOF) and Reynolds Averaged Naiver-Stokes equation (RANS) was used in this study. Validation of the modelling approach was carried out using the void fraction signals from the simulation and its PDF result. These signals compared well with reported experimental results for slug and churn flow patterns. Result analysis which focused on velocity and pressure fluctuations at three different cross-sectional planes of the elbow showed a reduction in the fluctuation energy (PSD) of the velocity signal at the downstream locations compared to the upstream. Similar behaviour was seen in the pressure signal. The observation was attributed to the change in multiphase flow patterns from slug to stratified/stratified wavy flow pattern after the bend. The results from this study intend to inform enhanced description of the local fluctuations of slug geometry, density and frequency for the accurate prediction of flow induced fluctuating forces due to slug-churn turbulent flows at pipe bends.

Start Date Aug 28, 2018
Publication Date Oct 6, 2018
Print ISSN 2195-4356
Electronic ISSN 2195-4364
Publisher Springer (part of Springer Nature)
Pages 124-141
Series Title Lecture notes in mechanical engineering
Series ISSN 2195-4356
ISBN 9789811322723
Institution Citation CHINENYE-KANU, N.M., HOSSAIN, M., DROUBI, M.G. and ISLAM, S.Z. 2018. Numerical investigation of two-phase flow induced local fluctuations and interactions of flow properties through elbow. In Wahab, M.A. (ed.) Proceedings of the 1st International conference on numerical modelling in engineering (NME 2018), 28-29 August 2018, Ghent, Belgium. Volume 2: numerical modelling in mechanical and materials engineering. Lecture notes in mechanical engineering. Singapore: Springer [online], pages 124-141. Available from:
Keywords CFD; Void fraction; Pressure and velocity variations; Flow induced local fluctuations; Flow properties interactions


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