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The transport disruption ontology. (2015)
Conference Proceeding
CORSAR, D., MARKOVIC, M., EDWARDS, P. and NELSON, J.D. 2015. The transport disruption ontology. In Arenas, M., Corcho, O., Simperl, E., Strohmaier, M., d'Aquin, M., Srinivas, K., Groth, P., Dumontier, M., Heflin, J., Thirunarayan, K. and Staab, S. (eds.). The sematic web - ISWC 2015: proceedings of the 14th International semantic web conference 2015 (ISWC 2015), 11-15 October 2015, Bethleham, PA, USA, 9367. Lecture notes in computer science. Cham: Springer [online], pages 329-336. Available from:

This paper presents the Transport Disruption ontology, a formal framework for modelling travel and transport related events that have a disruptive impact on traveller's journeys. We discuss related models , describe how transport events and their imp... Read More about The transport disruption ontology..