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Portfolio 2001-2007. (2007)
Physical Artefact
AGNEW, M. 2007. Portfolio 2001-2007. [Prints].

These works were created by Michael Agnew between 2001 and 2007 as part of the annual 'Portfolio' project. The project is led by Michael Agnew and Lennox Dunbar, and seeks to provide students with a first hand understanding of the curation, productio... Read More about Portfolio 2001-2007..

Aberdeen Dada siegt (folio no. (2006)
Physical Artefact
AGNEW, M. 2006. Aberdeen Dada siegt (folio no. 4). [Print].

The above work explores how ideas can be initially generated, bringing together icons and imagery from a variety of different sources, further developing this information into compositions and finally selecting an appropriate arrangement to be made a... Read More about Aberdeen Dada siegt (folio no..