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Retrofitting the International Space Station. (2009)
FAIRBURN, S.M. 2009. Retrofitting the International Space Station. In Howe, A.S. and Sherwood, B. (eds.) Out of this world: the new field of space architecture. Reston, VA: American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, pages 59-70.

Crew quarters (CQ) design was key to the habitability design of Skylab, with a specific goal of providing a private space for each crewmember, who might spend 6-8 hours a day there. Despite the privacy afforded by a designated place for each crewmemb... Read More about Retrofitting the International Space Station..

The artistic turn: a manifesto. (2009)
COESSENS, K., CRISPIN, D. and DOUGLAS, A. 2009. The artistic turn: a manifesto. Leuven: Leuven University Press.

Despite innovative developments in research in-and-through the arts in the past decade, the emergent field of artistic research remains controversial, and is accepted with varying degrees of enthusiasm in academic institutions. It is our contention t... Read More about The artistic turn: a manifesto..