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Decentralized combinatorial optimization. (2020)
Conference Proceeding
CHRISTIE, L.A. 2020. Decentralized combinatorial optimization. In B├Ąck, T., Preuss, M., Deutz, A., Wang, H., Doerr, C., Emmerich, M. and Trautmann, H. (eds.) Parallel problem solving from nature: PPSN XVI: proceedings of the 16th Parallel problem solving from nature international conference (PPSN 2020), 5-9 September 2020, Leiden, Netherlands. Theoretical computer science and general issues, 12269. Cham; Springer, pages 360-372. Available from:

Combinatorial optimization is a widely-studied class of computational problems with many theoretical and real-world applications. Optimization problems are typically tackled using hardware and software controlled by the user. Optimization can be comp... Read More about Decentralized combinatorial optimization..