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Representing problem-solving for knowledge refinement. (1999)
Conference Proceeding
CRAW, S. and BOSWELL, R. 1999. Representing problem-solving for knowledge refinement. In Proceedings of the 16th American Association for Artificial Intelligence national conference on artificial intelligence (AAAI-99), co-located with the 11th Annual conference on innovative applications of artificial intelligence (IAAI-99), 18-22 July 1999, Orlando, USA. Palo Alto: AAAI Press, pages 227-234.

Knowledge refinement tools seek to correct faulty knowledge based systems (KBSs) by identifying and repairing potentially faulty rules. The goal of the KrustWorks project is to provide a source of refinement components from which specialised refineme... Read More about Representing problem-solving for knowledge refinement..

Fundamental properties of aboutness. (1999)
Conference Proceeding
BRUZA, P., SONG, D. and WONG, K.-F. 1999. Fundamental properties of aboutness. In Proceedings of the 22nd Association of Computing Machinery Special Interest Group on Information Retrieval (ACM SIGIR) annual international conference on research and development in information retrieval (SIGIR'99), 15-19 August 1999, Berkeley, USA. New York: ACM [online], pages 277-278. Available from:

Information retrieval (IR) is a reasoning process which is assumed to be driven by determining aboutness between two information carriers (i.e. document and query). This, the study of aboutness will be very helpful to set up the theoretical foundatio... Read More about Fundamental properties of aboutness..

Modeling as a fragment assembling process. (1999)
Conference Proceeding
AHRIZ, H. and TOMASENA, M. 1999. Modeling as a fragment assembling process. In Price, C. (ed.) Proceedings of the 13th International workshop on qualitative reasoning (QR99), 6-9 June 1999, Loch Awe, UK. Evanston, IL: Qualitative Reasoning Group [online], pages 1-10. Available from:

Model based reasoning about physical systems deals with diagnosis, supervision, interpretation, explanation, etc. Most of the contributions to this domain do not pay much attention to model construction, and it was generally accepted that a model was... Read More about Modeling as a fragment assembling process..