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Automated design and STEP-NC machining of impellers (2012)
Conference Proceeding
ARIVAZHAGAN, A., MEHTA, N.K. and JAIN, P.K. 2012. Automated design and STEP-NC matching of impellers. In Hinduja, S. and Li, L. (eds.) Proceedings of the 37th Manufacturing Automation and Systems Technology, Applications, Design, Organisation and Management, and Research (MATADOR) international conference 2012, 25-27 July 2012, Manchester, UK. London: Springer [online], article ID 2-6, pages 57-60. Available from:

This paper presents the four stage approach followed for automated design and STEP-NC based machining of impellers. In the first stage, the design calculations are performed to construct the 'Meridional representation' of the radial impeller. Then 3D... Read More about Automated design and STEP-NC machining of impellers.