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Rerefinement of (μ-1,7,11,17-tetraoxa-2,6,12,16-tetraazacycloeicosane-κ4N1,N17:N7,N11)bis[dichlorozinc(II)]. [Dataset] (2002)

This rerefinement of the title compound, [Zn2Cl4(C12H28­N4O4)], based on the original intensity data, differs from the original only in the exchange of the NH and O moieties of the oxa­aza-macrocycle, resulting in a dramatic improvement in the R fact... Read More about Rerefinement of (μ-1,7,11,17-tetraoxa-2,6,12,16-tetraazacycloeicosane-κ4N1,N17:N7,N11)bis[dichlorozinc(II)]. [Dataset].