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交流 kōryū. (2017)
CLARKE, J., HANAHUSA, R., LAI, I.-C., LUCAS, R., LYNCH, H., MILLER, M., SUGITA, Y., TAKAHUSHI, M. and VIONNET, C. 2017. 交流 kōryū. Aberdeen: University of Aberdeen [online]. Available from:

The title I have given this book, 交流kōryū, is a Japanese word that can be broadly translated into English as ‘exchange(s)’. Its meanings correspond to the breadth of meaning ‘exchange’ offers in English, including acts of giving and receiving (ofte... Read More about 交流 kōryū..

Interest representation in the European Union. (2017)
GREENWOOD, J. Interest representation in the European Union. 4th ed. London: Palgrave Macmillan [online]. Available from: https://www.macmillanih...-Union/?K=9781137491312

Why is the EU so reliant upon exchanges with interest organisations? What safeguards have been developed to prevent capture by special interests, and how effective are these? How does the EU system of interest representation compare with those of oth... Read More about Interest representation in the European Union..