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Dr Benjamin Lacroix

Biography I am a research fellow in the School of Computing and Digital Media’s Computational Intelligence Research Group.

My research is focused evolutionary computation. I am particularly interested in developing new algorithm, analysing algorithm behaviour and performances, and benchmarking in continuous optimisation. Other research interests include optimisation under uncertainty and multimodal optimisation. Real-world applications include maintenance scheduling, planning, industrial process optimisation and complex optimisation problems.

I have a BSc/Hons in Computer Science (Robert Gordon University, 2006), a Master in Cognitive Science (Institut Polytechnique de Grenoble, 2007), a Master in Soft Computing and Intelligent Data Analysis (Universidad de Oviedo, 2010) and a PhD in Computer Science (Universidad de Granada, 2014).
Research Interests Evolutionary computation
Continuous optimisation
Optimisation under uncertainty
Benchmarking of optimisation algorithm
Teaching and Learning CMM535 - Data Science Development
BS2011 - Business Analytics
Scopus Author ID 55369480400