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Dr Stewart Massie

Finding the hidden gems: recommending untagged music. (2011)
Conference Proceeding
HORSBURGH, B., CRAW, S., MASSIE, S. and BOSWELL, R. 2011. Finding the hidden gems: recommending untagged music. In Proceedings of the 22nd International joint conference on artificial intelligence (IJCAI-11), 16-22 July 2011, Barcelona, Spain. Palo Alto: AAAI Press [online], pages 2256-2261. Available from:

We have developed a novel hybrid representation for Music Information Retrieval. Our representation is built by incorporating audio content into the tag space in a tag-track matrix, and then learning hybrid concepts using latent semantic analysis. We... Read More about Finding the hidden gems: recommending untagged music..

Plan recommendation for well engineering. (2011)
Conference Proceeding
THOMSON, R., MASSIE, S., CRAW, S., AHRIZ, H. and MILLS, I. 2011. Plan recommendation for well engineering. In Mehrotra, K.G., Mohan, C.K., Oh, J.C., Varshney, P.K. and Ali, M. (eds.) Modern approaches in applied intelligence: proceedings of the 24th International conference on industrial, engineering and other applications of applied intelligent systems (IEA/AIE 2011), 28 June - 1 July 2011, Syracuse, USA. Lecture notes in computer science, 6704. Berlin: Springer [online], part II, pages 436-445. Available from:

Good project planning provides the basis for successful offshore well drilling projects. In this domain, planning occurs in two phases: an onshore phase develops a project plan; and an offshore phase implements the plan and tracks progress. The Perfo... Read More about Plan recommendation for well engineering..


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