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Ruissein Mahon

Biography I am a cross-trained Petroleum and Process Engineer pursuing doctoral work in Drilling Engineering at the School of Engineering, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen. My doctoral work applies a multistage, mixed method strategy combining theoretical and experimental techniques to develop a rigorous underbalanced horizontal drilling strategy. My research seeks to design fit-for-purpose multiphase flow models that can be used to exploit unconventional heavy oil reservoirs that are currently found in over 30 countries across the globe.
Aside from my PhD research, to date, I have worked as a Research Assistant on two collaborative academia-industry projects: 1) Granular Subsurface Seal and 2) Composite Building Material.
I am a registered member of several professional bodies including the Society of Petroleum Engineers; the Energy Institute; the Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining; the Aberdeen Formation Evaluation Society; and the Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts.
Research Interests Underbalanced drilling, Multiphase flow, Enhanced oil recovery, Fluid flow in porous media, Machine learning, Fluid and material characterisation, Superabsorbent polymers
Teaching and Learning I am passionate about facilitating the learning process of future generations of budding scientists. As Laboratory Demonstrator, I have tutored 59 first year undergraduate students; I have been a Research Mentor to 18 engineering summer school students working on a renewable energy project; I have co-supervised 3 postgraduate oil and gas engineering projects; and as a STEM Ambassador in the Northeast Hub in Scotland, I have interacted with over 200 primary and secondary school kids in the wider Aberdeen community.
My voluntary activities include serving as Manager of the Well Engineering Laboratory at RGU’s School of Engineering (2016-present), and as the past Coordinator of the Petroleum Engineering Research Group (2017-2019).