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Dr Luca Piras

Biography Lecturer in Computing (Privacy, Security, Acceptance and Gamification Engineering; Computer Security and Cryptography; Software/Security Project Management) at the School of Computing, Robert Gordon University (RGU) Aberdeen, UK. For more details, please, see the next sections "Research Interests" and "Teaching and Learning".


- Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Privacy and Security Engineering, Acceptance Requirements Analysis and Gamification Engineering at the University of Brighton (UK) for 2 years; also Technical Project Manager, Team Leader and IT Analyst. I worked in the the Data govErnance For supportiNg gDpr (DEFeND) European Project
( I am contributed to the research activities of such project (I was also Task Leader for important aspects of the project), and I was also in charge of the technical project management concerning all the contributions delivered by the University of Brighton to the DEFeND Project.

- Researcher and JAVA Software Engineer at the University of Trento (Italy) - PhD in Information and Communication Technology - PhD Thesis Title: "Agon: a Gamification-Based Framework for Acceptance Requirements" for 5 years. Gamification and Software Engineering Research; pro-active participation and contribution to different EU Projects, for instance: the PACAS Project, ERC Lucretius Project, STREETLIFE Project.

- JAVA Software Engineer and Team Leader for 5 years at Sardegna IT S.r.l. - in-house company of the Sardinia Autonomous Region (RAS) (Sardinia is a Region of Italy), Cagliari (Italy)

- IT Researcher, JAVA Software Engineer, Network Administrator and System Analyst at the University of Cagliari (Italy), for 1 year, conducting research activities within the "Progetto ARCAS". It has been funded among the "Progetti di Ricerca e Innovazione al di sotto della soglia de Minimis", POR Sardegna 2000/2006, Asse 3 – Risorse Umane, Misura 3.13 - Research and technological development for enterprises and the territory.
Research Interests - Privacy and Security Engineering by using Requirements Engineering and Goal Modeling techniques. Research focused on conceptual modeling, analysis and design of concepts related to privacy and security, with particular interest to supporting organisations in achieving GDPR compliance, through semi-automated software tools able to guide and support requirements analysts in a visual/modeling way

- Acceptance Requirements Analysis based on Gamification for making Software Systems more engaging. Research focused on characterising software users (by analysing also behavioural and human-science related aspects of users), for supporting requirements analysts to identify the most suitable game elements and mechanisms (able to motivate the intended users) for designing software systems functionalities enriched with gamification solutions (
Teaching and Learning Currently:

- Module Coordinator for the “Computer Security and Cryptography” module (at RGU School of Computing);

- Module Coordinator for the “Managing a Network Group Project” module (at RGU School of Computing).


- Lecturer Assistance for the “Ethical Hacking” module (at RGU School of Computing);

- Lecturer Assistance for the Computer Science Master Course “Organizational Information Systems (OIS)” at the University of Trento (Italy);

- Lecturer Assistance for the Computer Science Master Course “Agent-Oriented Software Engineering (AOSE)” at the University of Trento (Italy).
Scopus Author ID 57213311356