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Deep heterogeneous ensemble. (2019)
Journal Article
NGUYEN, T.T., DANG, M.T., PHAM, T.D., DAO, L.P., LUONG, A.V., MCCALL, J. and LIEW, A.W.C. 2019. Deep heterogeneous ensemble. Australian journal of intelligent information processing systems [online], 16(1): special issue on neural information processing: proceedings of the 26th International conference on neural information processing (ICONIP 2019), 12-15 December 2019, Sydney, Australia, pages 1-9. Available from:

In recent years, deep neural networks (DNNs) have emerged as a powerful technique in many areas of machine learning. Although DNNs have achieved great breakthrough in processing images, video, audio and text, it also has some limitations... Read More about Deep heterogeneous ensemble..

Ensemble selection based on classifier prediction confidence. (2019)
Journal Article
NGUYEN, T.T., LUONG, A.V., DANG, M.T., LIEW, A.W.-C. and MCCALL, J. 2020. Ensemble selection based on classifier prediction confidence. Pattern recognition [online], 100, article ID 107104. Available from:

Ensemble selection is one of the most studied topics in ensemble learning because a selected subset of base classifiers may perform better than the whole ensemble system. In recent years, a great many ensemble selection methods have been introduced.... Read More about Ensemble selection based on classifier prediction confidence..