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Predicting CO2 and CH4 transport in landfill gas using porous inorganic membranes operated in the Darcy regime.

Gobina, Edward; Ogunlude, Priscilla; Abunumah, Ofasa; Giwa, Ayo; Muhammad-Sukki, Firdaus


Edward Gobina

Ofasa Abunumah

Ayo Giwa

Firdaus Muhammad-Sukki


The present work is focusing on the utilization of previously fabricated membrane to study the effect of pressure drop and temperature on permeability. Mass transfer considerations were used under previously optimized conditions. Subsequently, gas permeation study was conducted on ceramic membranes in CO 2 and small molecules present in biogas and it was found that the permeance of CO2 and CH4 decreased in the order of 15 nm > 200 nm > 6,000 nm, according to the decrease in pore size of the membranes. The transport of pure gases through a microporous composite membrane is also discussed. The membrane consists of an alumina support with mean pore diameters of 15,200 and 6,000 nm and a TiO2 washcoat top (separation) layer. The theory of Knudsen diffusion, laminar flow and Darcy flow are used to describe the transport mechanisms. It appears for the composite membrane that Knudsen diffusion occurs in the top layer and combined Knudsen diffusion/laminar flow in the support at pressure levels at 60 kPa and below. As pore sizes reduce further, and finally disappear, the transport process that takes over in a non -porous membrane is solution–diffusion—is a far simpler process than the complex, surface-mediated adsorption–surface diffusion occurring in the finest-scale porous membranes. For all experiments described below, the gauge pressure was kept lower than these critical pressures.


GOBINA, E., OGUNLUDE, P., ABUNUMAH, O., GIWA, A. and MUHAMMAD-SUKKI, F. 2021. Predicting CO2 and CH4 transport in landfill gas using porous inorganic membranes operated in the Darcy regime. In Proceedings of 2021 International congress of Scientific Advances (ICONSAD'21), 22-25 December 2021, [virtual conference]. Turkey: ICONSAD [online], pages 770-784. Available from:

Conference Name 2021 International congress on scientific advances (ICONSAD '21)
Conference Location [virtual conference]
Start Date Dec 22, 2021
End Date Dec 25, 2021
Acceptance Date Dec 8, 2021
Online Publication Date Dec 25, 2021
Publication Date Dec 31, 2021
Deposit Date Jan 7, 2022
Publicly Available Date Feb 18, 2022
Publisher Uluslararasi Bilimsel Gelişmeler Kongresi/ International Congress on Scientific Advances
Pages 770-784
Book Title Proceedings of International congress on scientific advances
ISBN 9786057423498
Keywords Membrane; Pore size; Nanoporous; Permeance; Biogas; Mechanism
Public URL
Publisher URL


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