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A neighbourhood of fragmentation.

Altenberger, Iris


Iris Altenberger


Quazi Mahtab Zaman

Greg G. Hall


Once isolated as a bordered neighbourhood, the Raploch Council housing estate in Stirling, Scotland, has been regenerated through a gentrification policy that encouraged increased owner-occupied housing in an area previously dominated by social housing. As a result, new norms and values were reflected in the visual environment and architecture, by creating new buildings and moving new residents into the area. To investigate these issues, an auto-driven photo-elicitation method was used. Area residents, both established and new, were given single-use cameras and asked to take photos of the places and spaces that illustrated the changing nature of the Raploch. Guidance to the participants was limited, so as to allow their perspectives to emerge and to reduce the researcher's impact on the images produced. Simultaneously, this method considered Foucauldian power relationships, as the participants guided the discourse through their images. The following interviews focused on the participants' photos. It became clear that social boundaries between established and new residents resulted in an "us and them" discourse. These social differences were reinforced by the physical barrier of a road between each group's areas. In addition, the participants were acutely aware of another border — the different architectural styles of each area. Established residents considered the architectural style of the newer group as out-of-place; whereas newer residents viewed the housing of the established residents as old with an underlying discourse of needing redevelopment by the new residents.


ALTENBERGER, I. 2023. A neighbourhood of fragmentation. In Zaman, Q.M. and Hall, G.G. (eds.) Border urbanism: transdisciplinary perspectives. Cham: Springer [online], chapter 28, pages 461-476. Available from:

Online Publication Date Mar 7, 2023
Publication Date Dec 31, 2023
Deposit Date Mar 23, 2023
Publicly Available Date Mar 8, 2025
Publisher Springer
Pages 461-476
Series Title The urban book series
Series ISSN 2365-757X; 2365-7588
Book Title Border urbanism: transdisciplinary perspectives
Chapter Number 28
ISBN 9783031066030
Keywords Social housing; Council housing estates; Gentrification; Photo elicitation; Identify; Placemaking; Stirling (Scotland)
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