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A tale of two rights: mediating between P2P owners and digital copyright holders.

Faturoti, Bukola


Bukola Faturoti


J. Balcells

A. Cerrillo i Martínez

M. Peguera

I. Peña-López

M.J. Pifarré de Moner

M. Vilasau


The emergence of peer-to-peer file sharing technology revolutionises the discourse around copyright infringement. This new pirate of digital technology poses challenges not only to legal structures but it redefines tensions among various stakeholders: artists and creators genuine users of copyrighted works, content industries and technologists. They threaten cultural production turning users to consumers without effort to become producers. Conversely, it is contended that such software increase collaborative interactions and change the way we perceive social and communicative structures. A caveat is that the response of law when juxtapose with technological changes in the internet itself, has heavily increased the effective regulation of creativity. This paper examines the early debate around the regulation of p2p software. Can there be a middle ground?

Start Date Jul 3, 2014
Publication Date Jul 4, 2014
Publisher Huygens Editorial (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya)
Pages 97-116
Institution Citation FATUROTI, B. 2014. A tale of two rights: mediating between P2P owners and digital copyright holders. In Balcells, J., Cerrillo i Martínez, A., Peguera, M., Peña-López, I., Pifarré de Moner, M.J. and Vilasau, M. (eds.) Proceedings of the 10th International conference on internet, law and politics (IDP 2014): a decade of transformations, 3-4 July 2014, Barcelona, Spain. Barcelona: UOC-Huygens Editorial [online], pages 97-116. Available from:
Keywords Copyright; Dual use technology; Authorisation; Secondary infringement; Peer to peer
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