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Hydrodynamic performance in mesoporous silica membrane for lactic acid and esterifiecation.

Okon, Edidiong; Shehu, Habiba; Kajama, Mohammed; Orimoloye, Adesola; Nwogu, Ngozi Claribelle; Orakwe, Ifeyinwa; Gobina, Edward


Edidiong Okon

Habiba Shehu

Mohammed Kajama

Adesola Orimoloye

Ngozi Claribelle Nwogu

Ifeyinwa Orakwe

Edward Gobina


S.I. Ao

Len Gelman

David W.L. Hukins

Andrew Hunter

A.M. Korsunsky


Ethyl Lactate has a lot of applications in different industries including food, pharmaceutical and agricultural processes. The esterification process of lactic acid and ethanol is a highly equilibrium-controlled reaction. The selective removal of one of the reaction products can be improved using membrane. In this work, the hydrodynamic performance of silica membrane with single carrier gases was analysed to determine the flow mechanism of the gases at the gauge pressure range of 0.01 to 1.00 bar and a temperature of 140 C. The results showed that the gas flux increases with increase in gauge pressure indicating Knudsen mechanism of gas transport. The R2 value for the four gases used (CO2, He, Ar and N2) were in the range of 0.98-1.00. The gas permeance was found to decrease with respect to the gauge pressure in the order N2 > Ar > He > CO2 confirming non-Knudsen mechanism of gas transport. Gases with higher kinetic diameter showed a higher permeance indicating a non-molecular sieving mechanism of gas transport. The gas permeance with respect to viscosity indicates viscous mechanism of gas transport. The decreasing order of the gas viscosity with respect to gas permeance was CO2 < He < Ar < N2.

Start Date Jul 1, 2015
Publication Date Jul 3, 2019
Print ISSN 2078-0958
Electronic ISSN 2078-0966
Publisher Newswood Academic Publishing
Pages 781-784
Series Title Lecture notes in engineering and computer science
Series Number 2218
Series ISSN 2078-0966
ISBN 9789881404701
Institution Citation OKON, E.P., SHEHU, H., KAJAMA, M.N, ORIMOLOYE, A.O., NWOGU, N.C., ORAKWE, I.R. and GOBINA, E. 2015. Hydrodynamic performance in mesoporous silica membrane for lactic acid and esterifiecation. In Ao, S.I., Gelman, L., Hukins, D.W.L., Hunter, A. and Korsunsky, A.M. (eds.) Proceedings of the 2015 World congress on engineering (WCE 2015), 1-3 July 2015, London, UK. Lecture notes in engineering and computer science, 2218. Hong Kong: Newswood Limited [online], pages 781-784. Available from:
Keywords Esterification; Ethyl lactate; Gas permeation; Lactic acid; Transport mechanism
Publisher URL