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MinkApp: generating spatio-temporal summaries for nature conservation volunteers.

Tintarev, Nava; Melero, Yolanda; Sripada, Somayajulu; Tait, Elizabeth; Van Der Wal, Rene; Mellish, Chris


Nava Tintarev

Yolanda Melero

Somayajulu Sripada

Elizabeth Tait

Rene Van Der Wal

Chris Mellish


We describe preliminary work on generating contextualized text for nature conservation volunteers. This Natural Language Generation (NLG) differs from other ways of describing spatio-temporal data, in that it deals with abstractions on data across large geographical spaces (total projected area 20,600 km2), as well as temporal trends across longer time frames (ranging from one week up to a year). We identify challenges at all stages of the classical NLG pipeline.

Start Date May 30, 2012
Publication Date Jun 1, 2012
Publisher ACL Association for Computational Linguistics
Pages 71-21
Institution Citation TINTAREV, N., MELERO, Y., SRIPADA, S., TAIT, E., VAN DER WAL, R. and MELLISH, C. 2012. MinkApp: generating spatio-temporal summaries for nature conservation volunteers. In Proceedings of the 7th International natural language generation conference (INLG 2012), 30 May - 1 June 2012, Utica, USA. Stroudsburg:ACL [online], pages 17-21. Available from:
Keywords Natural language generation (NLG); Nature conservation; Volunteers; Scottish mink initiative (SMI)
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