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Tracking digital impact (TDI) tool.

McClymont, Kent; Holden, Jennifer; Passy, Rowena; Ochu, Erinma; Waite, Sue; Brock, Elizabeth; Baker, Matt; Ward, Sarah; Phippen, Andy; Loria, Pat; Tait, Elizabeth; Keedwell, Ed


Kent McClymont

Jennifer Holden

Rowena Passy

Erinma Ochu

Sue Waite

Elizabeth Brock

Matt Baker

Sarah Ward

Andy Phippen

Pat Loria

Elizabeth Tait

Ed Keedwell


The Tracking Digital Impact (TDI) tool is designed to help researchers, research groups, projects and institutions assess their current and future digital engagement strategies in an objective and informed way to support the development of new and improved strategies that more effectively enable good engagement with businesses, communities, the public, governing bodies and other researchers to facilitate better engagement and greater impact. The TDI tool was developed as part of a JISC funded project which focused on identifying, synthesising and embedding business, community and public (BCE) engagement best practices. The TDI tool examined the best practices at the dot.rural Digital Economies hub at the University of Aberdeen and translated those (accompanied by new guidance) into the TDI tool. Parts of this document were sourced from 'Brief Notes on Social Media for Research' by Jennifer Holden (University of Aberdeen, October, 2012). This document describes the TDI tool and its use.

Other Type Manual / Guide
Publication Date Dec 20, 2012
Institution Citation MCCLYMONT, K., HOLDEN, J., PASSY, R., OCHU, E., WAITE, S., BROCK, E., BAKER, M., WARD, S., PHIPPEN, A., LORIA, P., TAIT, E. and KEEDWELL, E. 2012. Tracking digital impact (TDI) tool. Held on Jisc Repository [online]. Available from: http://repository.jisc...._Impact_Tool_(v1.4).pdf
Keywords Research impact; Digital technologies; Research support
Publisher URL


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