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Consenting process for ocean energy in Spain.

Bald, Juan; Menchaca, Iratxe


Juan Bald

Iratxe Menchaca


This presentation discusses the current consenting processes for offshore renewable energy projects in Spain. It was given as part of the second RiCORE project workshop, which explored the regulatory aspects associated with marine renewable energy projects in Member States of the EU.

Presentation Conference Type Lecture
Start Date May 21, 2015
Publication Date May 21, 2015
Publisher New Publisher Required
Institution Citation BALD, J. and MENCHACA, I. 2015. Consenting process for ocean energy in Spain. Presented at the 2nd RiCORE Project expert workshop: dealing with the risk of licensing marine renewables: the role and experience of regulators, 21 May 2015, Paris, France. Aberdeen: RiCORE project [online]. Available from: http://ricore-project.e...Spain-RiCORE-locked.pdf
Keywords Europe; Renewable energy; Offshore; Legislation; Regulatory frameworks


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