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Pre- and post-consenting environmental surveys.

Simas, Teresa; Bennet, Finlay


Teresa Simas

Finlay Bennet


This presentation outlines the findings of the fourth- and fifth work packages of the RiCORE project, focusing on environmental surveys before and after the consenting process, and applying an adaptive management approach.

Presentation Conference Type Lecture
Start Date Jun 14, 2016
Publication Date Jun 15, 2016
Publisher New Publisher Required
Institution Citation SIMAS, T. and BENNET, F. 2016. Pre- and post-consenting environmental surveys. Presented at the 11th European Union Sustainable Energy Week conference (EUSEW 2016), 14-17 June 2016, Brussels, Belgium. Aberdee: RiCORE Project [online]. Available from: http://ricore-project.e..._4BennetSimas_FINAL.pdf
Keywords Europe; Renewable energy; Offshore; Regulatory frameworks
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