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Adopting 'Fablab' model to embed creative entrepreneurship across design program.

Pengelly, Jon; Fairburn, Sue; Newlands, Bruce


Jon Pengelly

Sue Fairburn

Bruce Newlands


L. Buck

G. Frateur

W. Ion

C. McMahon

C. Baelus

G. de Grande

S. Vervulgen


This paper sets out to describe and contextualize the impact a new FabLab workshop program has had on the direction and curriculum development at Gray's School of Art, Robert Gordon University towards more clearly linking current developments in rapid prototyping, rapid manufacturing, and e-manufacturing services in engaging creative technologies and embedding entrepreneurial skill sets within our undergraduate program. These ambitions are set against specific rural issues of location, within a Northern European context, and associated 'creative rural economy' agenda[s]. This paper will report on specific issues and insights, and their impact, by examining the role design education can play in developing clearer and more sustainable patterns of entrepreneurship within an undergraduate design program, set against these external factors. Whereby, an emerging FabLab model, is developing within this design school, this technology has been positioned as a catalyst to integrate the Rural + Enterprise + Mixed Interdisciplinary Design approaches.

Start Date Sep 6, 2012
Publication Date Sep 7, 2012
Publisher Design Society
Pages 654-658
ISBN 9781904670360
Institution Citation PENGELLY, J., FAIRBURN, S. and NEWLANDS, B. 2012. Adopting 'Fablab' model to embed creative entrepreneurship across design program. In Buck, L., Frateur, G., Ion, W., McMahon, C., Baelus, C., de Grande, G. and Vervulgen, S. (eds.) Proceedings of the 14th International engineering and product design education conference 2012 (E&PDE12): design education for future wellbeing, 6-7 September 2012, Antwerp, Belguim. Glasgow: The Design Society/Institution of Engineering Designers [online], pages 654-658. Available from: https://www.designsocie...p_across_design_program
Keywords Entrepreneurship; FabLab; Interdisciplinary; Art and design education; Rural
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