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Development of a self-propelled capsule robot for pipeline inspection.

Yusupov, Azat; Liu, Yang


Azat Yusupov

Yang Liu


Zhijie Xu

Jing Wang


This paper introduces a current research project carried out in the Robert Gordon University for developing the prototype of the vibro-impact capsule robot for pipeline inspection. The project aims to address the technical bottlenecks which have been encountered by current pipeline technologies with a particular focus on oil industry. In order to verify the concept, a dummy capsule prototype with a diameter of 80 mm is designed and manufactured for testing in a 2.5 meter long section of 140 mm nominal diameter clear PVCu pipe with a flow velocity up to 0.3 m/s. By using the experimental test bed, the prototype of the capsule system can be tested at various flow rates, and the experimental results could be used for comparing with CFD simulation results for optimization.

Start Date Sep 7, 2016
Publication Date Oct 24, 2016
Publisher Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Pages 84-88
ISBN 9781862181328
Institution Citation YUSUPOV, A. and LIU, Y. 2016. Development of a self-propelled capsule robot for pipeline inspection. In Xu, Z. and Wang, J. (eds.) Tackling the new challenges in automation and computing: proceedings of the 22nd International conference on automation and computing (ICAC 2016), 7-8 September 2016, Colchester, UK. Piscataway: IEEE [online], pages 84-88. Available from:
Keywords Capsule robot; Pipeline inspection; Vibroimpact; Self-propelled; Prototype design


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