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Multi-layer silica ceramic membrane for flue gas and natural gas separations.

Nwogu, Ngozi Claribelle; Orakwe, Ifeyinwa R.; Gobina, Edward


Ngozi Claribelle Nwogu

Ifeyinwa R. Orakwe

Edward Gobina


S.I. Ao

Oscar Castillo

Craig Douglas

David Dagan Feng

A.M. Korsunsky


The overall goal of this paper is to foster the development of new membrane technologies to improve manufacturing efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions. Hence, a multi-layered silica ceramic membrane with extremely low defect concentrations has been prepared through three successive dip-coating steps using a silica solution. An asymmetric structure is obtained by the deposition of silica layer on top of a combination titanium and {esc}ga{esc}s-Al2O3 support. The morphology of the three step homogenous silica layer is analysed by scanning electron microscope. The transport property of the membranes was carried out at room temperature and at pressure differences ranging from 1 to 2 bar. The fabricated membrane has reproducible high permeance for CO2. Interestingly, an almost equal flow rate was observed for CH4 and N2 at a pressure of 2 bar. Separation factors obtained from CO2/CH4 and CO2/N2 are comparatively higher than Knudsen separation values.

Start Date Oct 21, 2015
Publication Date Oct 23, 2015
Print ISSN 2078-0958
Electronic ISSN 2078-0966
Publisher Newswood Academic Publishing
Pages 651-655
Series Title Lecture notes in engineering and computer science
Series Number 2220
Series ISSN 2078-0966
ISBN 9789881404725
Institution Citation NWOGU, N.C., ORAKWE, I.R. and GOBINA, E. 2015. Multi-layer silica ceramic membrane for flue gas and natural gas separations. In Ao, S.I., Gelman, L., Hukins, D.W.L., Hunter, A. and Korsunsky, A.M. (eds.) Proceedings of the 2015 World congress on engineering and computer science (WCECS 2015), 21-23 October 2015, San Francisco, USA. Lecture notes in engineering and computer science, 2220. Hong Kong: Newswood Limited [online], pages 651-655. Available from:
Keywords Carbon dioxide; Flue gas; Natural gas; Silica membrane; Separation factor
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