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Novel zeolite-polyurethane membrane for environmental applications and gas separations.

Shehu, Habiba; Okon, Edidiong; Gobina, Edward


Habiba Shehu

Edidiong Okon

Edward Gobina


This research Work investigates the effect of polyurethane polymer on the separation of C09, CH4 and C3H8 through a zeolite/polyurethane mixed matrix membrane. A methodology based on the modification of porous ceramic inorganic support with the aim to achieve high selectivity for the hydrocarbons has been developed. Polyurethane-zeolite nanoparticles were prepared by combined blending and casting method. The physical properties of the zeolite/polyurethane mixed matrix membrane were investigated by Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), Fourier Transform Infra-Red spectroscopy (FTIR) and Nitrogen physisorption (BET). These confirmed the homogenous and nanoscale distribution of zeolite particles in the polyurethane-zeolite membrane. The Nitrogen physisorption measurements showed the hysteresis isotherm of the membrane corresponding to type IV and V that is indicative of a mesoporous membrane. The surface area and the pore size determined using the Barrett, Joyner, Halenda (RIFT) desorption method showed a pore diameter of 3.320 run, a pore volume of 0.31 ccg(-1) and surface area of.43.583 m(2) g(-1). Single gas permeation tests were carried out at a pressure range of 0.01 to 0.1 MPa. The membrane showed the permeance of CII4 to be in the range of 5.189 x 10(-7) to 1.78 x 10(-5) mol m(-2) Pa-1 and a CII4/C3II8 selectivity of 3.5 at 293 K. On the basis of the results obtained it can be concluded that for the recovery of volatile organic compounds the addition of polyurethane polymer to the zeolite membrane did not increase the performance of the membrane.

Journal Article Type Article
Publication Date Sep 30, 2017
Journal Materiaux and techniques
Print ISSN 0032-6895
Electronic ISSN 1778-3771
Publisher EDP Sciences
Peer Reviewed Peer Reviewed
Volume 105
Issue 2
Article Number 205
Institution Citation SHEHU, H., OKON, E. and GOBINA, E. 2017. Novel zeolite-polyurethane membrane for environmental applications and gas separations. Materiaux and techniques [online], 105(2), article number 205. Available from:
Keywords Polyurethane; Polymer; Gas separation; Membrane; Zeolite