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Crafting revivals?

Peach, Andrea


Andrea Peach


Juliette MacDonald

Catharine Rossi


This paper originates from PhD research which I am currently undertaking on craft in the 1970s, a time which craft historians and theorists generally acknowledge as one of revival and reinvention of craft practice across Britain. Today we are experiencing what has also been described as a 'craft renaissance'. This paper considers whether the craft revival of the 1970s shares any parallel causal features with today. To do this, three areas will be explored; the role of the state, the relationship of craft to contemporary fine art, and the socio-economic climate of the period. Although the breadth of this subject precludes a comprehensive study here, it is hoped that some useful comparisons might be drawn here.

Start Date Apr 20, 2012
Publication Date Jun 30, 2013
Publisher New Publisher Required
Pages 46-56
Institution Citation PEACH, A. 2013. Crafting revivals? An investigation into the craft revival of the 1970's: can contemporary comparisons be drawn? In MacDonald, J. and Rossi, C. (eds.) Ideas of the handmade: histories and theories of making. Selected papers from a symposium held on 20 April 2012, Edinburgh, UK. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University [online], pages 46-56. Available from: http://www.research.ed....l_craftscotland1_1_.pdf
Keywords Craft; 1970s; British craft; Craft revival
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