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A new future for social security: response to the consultation document.

Spicker, Paul


Paul Spicker


This submission covers genearl issues related to the statement of principles, broader issues of policy and general administrative arrangements. The main points are these: 1) The aims of benefit systems are complex. Oversimplification threatens to compromise important principles. 2) Terminology can be tested to see if it has unexpected implications. 3) Benefits are only one form of support; sometimes direct provision is preferable. 4) If benefits are to get to the right people, entitlement needs to be clearer and the terms on which benefits are delivered need to be less sensitive to personal differences. 5) It should not be assumed that citizens must register claims before they can receive benefits. 6) Aspects of administration can be delegated to third sector agencies. 7) There have to be systems for independent scrutiny, rapid review and redress. 8) Interactions with other benefits should be avoided. 9) Transitional arrangements create complexities. They can be avoided by buying out rights.

Report Type Policy Document
Publication Date Mar 2, 2017
Publisher Scottish Government
Institution Citation SPICKER, P. 2016. A new future for social security: response to the consultation document. In Scottish Government. Consultation on social security in Scotland. Edinburgh: Scottish Government [online], response ID 500312666. Available from:
Keywords Social security ; Scottish Government; Benefits; Terminology
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