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Analysis and visualization of the new architectural spatiality: light and sound topologies in museums.

Saraoui, Selma; Belakehal, Azeddine; Attar, Abdelghani; Bennadji, Amar


Selma Saraoui

Azeddine Belakehal

Abdelghani Attar


H.-W. Chau

C. dos S. Hentschke


This work aims at demonstrating that like geometry or anthropology, topology can offer the architectural space a new form of dimensioning and spatiality, this would amount to a participation of daylight and sound ambiences. We will explore this new spatiality in the architectural space and especially the museum space. The definitions of topology helped us to build a new analysis model based on the notions of 'route' and 'sequence'. To do this, a corpus of thirty international museums was submitted to analysis according to the model. Subsequently support by statistical analysis of the data collected for this corpus. It must be admitted that for the seen ambience, sequential analysis can alone define the luminous topologies and the use of the software will confirm them. However, for unseen ambiences, such as sound, the software is more than necessary to visualize and define sound topologies. This new way of interpreting the space and visualizing it topologically, by taking into account the sensory aspects, can allow us to reach an optimal conceptual model. One can also through these results develop software that can judge the architectural space designed topologically.

Start Date Jan 29, 2018
Publication Date Feb 1, 2018
Institution Citation SARAOUI, S., BELAKEHAL, A., ATTAR, A. and BENNADJI, A. 2018. Analysis and visualization of the new architectural spatiality: light and sound topologies in museums. In Chau, H.-W. and Hentschke, C. dos S. (eds.) Proceedings of the 7th International conference of the Zero Energy Mass Customer Home Network (ZEMCH 2018), 29 January - 1 February 2018, Melbourne, Australia.
Keywords Daylight; Sound; Topology; Discontinuities; Sequences; Route


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