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Ubiquitous digital repositories in the design studio: a case study.

Dounas, Theodoros; Spaeth, Benjamin


Theodoros Dounas

Benjamin Spaeth


Aulikki Herneoja

Toni Österlund

Piia Markkanen


The paper investigates the usability and effect of a ubiquitous digital repository in the architectural design process. Acknowledging the post-digital era where students work with diverse media either digital or analogue, the project explores the suitability of a digital log in augmenting conceptual thinking, feedback provision and intellectual exchange by means of a studio in an architectural undergraduate course. Students integrate a digital log into their workflow resolving a design task of an architectural studio. A server-based repository serves as students' individual archive as well as a share-point for peer-students' informal exchange and tutors' feedback. The conclusion of the study is that sketching and organization habits from the analog media the students have learned persist even with a more digitally inclined generation. The use of digital tools that obliterate the analog-digital division, holding the best of both worlds are still subject to the constraints of timely introduction in the curriculum, cultural resistance in terms of organization of a project and more so void of experimentation in their use by students.

Start Date Aug 22, 2016
Publication Date Aug 31, 2016
Publisher New Publisher Required
Pages 241-249
ISBN 978949120105
Institution Citation DOUNAS, T. and SPAETH, B. 2016. Ubiquitous digital repositories in the design studio: a case study. In Herneoja, A., Ă–sterlund, T. and Markkanen, P. (eds.) Proceedings of the 34th Education and research in computer aided architectural design in Europe conference (eCAADe 2016): complexity and simplicity, 22-26 August 2016, Oulu, Finland. Oulu: University of Oulu [online], volume 1, pages 241-249. Available from http://papers.cumincad....ks/paper/ecaade2016_208
Keywords Digital repositories; Design Studio; Hybrid media
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