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The glamour.

Tatham, Joanne; O'Sullivan, Tom


Joanne Tatham

Tom O'Sullivan


The Glamour was commissioned for the 2nd Berlin Biennale, held on 20 April - 20 June 2001. It was a continuation of The Glamour project that was first initiated in 2000 at the Transmission Gallery, Glasgow. It is composed of a set of devices - mirrored styrene sheets, pink fluorescent lights and barbed wire - that can be deployed in a variety of forms depending on the space and context. At the Berlin Biennale, these devices were configured as an attention-drawing spectacle. The materials refer to the history of art practice that has expanded since the 1960s and to the ubiquity of such materials in contemporary installation art. As such, The Glamour creates a theatricalised situation that allows for active reflection of the systems and codes that determine contemporary installation art. This work has also been used as a component in larger installations, for example our installation called "A Routine Sequence of External Actions", exhibited in 2005 at the 51st Venice Biennale.


TATHAM, J. and O'SULLIVAN, T. 2001. The glamour. [Lighting installation].

Physical Artefact Type Artefact
Deposit Date Jan 18, 2008
Publicly Available Date Jan 18, 2008
Keywords Installation art; Conceptual art; Contemporary art
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