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A novel metadata based meta-search engine.

Zhu, Jianhan; Song, Dawei; Eisenstadt, Marc; Barladeanu, Cristi


Jianhan Zhu

Dawei Song

Marc Eisenstadt

Cristi Barladeanu


José Cordeiro

Boris Shishkov

Alpeshkumar Ranchordas

Markus Helfert


We present a novel meta-search engine called DYNIQX for metadata based cross search in order to study the effect of metadata in collection fusion. DYNIQX exploits the availability of metadata in academic search services such as PubMed and Google Scholar etc for fusing search results from heterogeneous search engines. Furthermore, metadata from these search engines are used for generating dynamic query controls such as sliders and tick boxes etc for users to filter search results.

Start Date Jul 5, 2008
Publication Date Dec 31, 2008
Publisher New Publisher Required
Pages 312-315
ISBN 9789898111531
Institution Citation ZHU, J., SONG, D., EISENSTADT, M. and BARLADEANU, C. 2008. A novel metadata based meta-search engine. In Cordeiro, J., Shishkov, B., Ranchordas, A. and Helfert, M. (eds.) Proceedings of the 3rd International conference on software and data technologies (ICSOFT 2008), 5-8 July 2008, Porto, Portugal. Setúbal: Science and Technology Publications [online], volume 3, pages 312-315. Available from:
Keywords Meta search engines; Collection fusion; Metadata


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