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Entrepreneurship, windfall gains and financial constraints: evidence from Germany.

Schaefer, Dorothea; Talavera, Oleksandr; Weir, Charlie


Dorothea Schaefer

Oleksandr Talavera

Charlie Weir


We investigate the link between the propensity to become an entrepreneur and exogenous release from financial constraints in Germany. This is defined in terms of the movement from employment to self employment on receipt of a financial windfall. A theoretical framework developing Evans and Jovanovic (1989) is set up and tested with panel data from German households. The results show that financial constraints do exist given that individuals are more likely to start a personal business after receiving a windfall gain. The value of windfall gains has a significant but non linear effect on the decision to become self employed. The data reveal that differences in ability and income affect the change in employment status. We also report that there is no evidence that becoming self employed involves the anticipation of windfall gains.


SCHAEFER, D., TALAVERA, O. and WEIR, C. 2010. Entrepreneurship, windfall gains and financial constraints: evidence from Germany. University of East Anglia applied and financial economics working paper series [online], paper number 009. Available from:

Publicly Available Date Nov 22, 2021
Series Title University of East Anglia School of Economics working paper series
Series Number 009
Keywords Entrepreneurship; Windfall gains; Financial constraints
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