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Research procedures/methodology for artists and designers.

Gray, Carole; Malins, Julian


Carole Gray

Julian Malins


This paper attempts to put into context the issues which surround the endeavours of researchers working in the field of Art and Design, in particular the philosophy and context of research procedures / methodologies. The introduction provides some definitions of methodology and its importance in the general context of inquiry and research, historically and actually supranational in essence; characteristics of existing methodologies in Science (Newtonian and Quantum) and Social Sciences are examined; characteristics of ˜artistic method are elaborated, especially through an examination of Fine Art and Design Methodologies in relation to practice; common factors linking creative, scientific and artistic procedures are identified; ˜Postmodern Methodology is discussed, in relation to current ˜paradigm shifts; existing & new procedures / methodologies and devices / tools are identified, and future developments proposed.

Report Type Research Report
Publication Date Dec 31, 1993
Publisher New Publisher Required
Institution Citation GRAY, C. and MALINS, J. 1993. Research procedures/methodology for artists and designers. Aberdeen: Robert Gordon University.


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