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On-line measurement of partial discharges in high voltage rotating machines.

Joshi, Abhijit R.


Abhijit R. Joshi


John Watson

Dino Kouadria


The on-line condition monitoring of rotating machines is given paramount importance, particularly in Oils and Gas industries where the financial implications of machine shutdown is very high. This project work was directed towards the on-line condition monitoring of high voltage rotating machines by detection of partial discharges (PD) which are indicative of stator insulation degradation. Partial discharge manifests itself in various forms which can be detected using various electrical and non-electrical techniques. The electrical method of detecting small current pulses generated by PD using a Rogowski coil as a sensor has been investigated in this work. Dowding & Mills, who are commercially involved in the condition monitoring of rotating machines, currently use a system called StatorMonotor® for PD detection. The research is intended to develop a new partial discharge detection system that will replace the existing system which is getting obsolete. A three phase partial discharge detection unit was specified, designed and developed that is capable of filtering, amplifying and digitising the discharge signals. The associated data acquisition software was developed using LabVIEW software that was capable of acquiring, displaying and storing the discharge signals. Additional software programs were devised to investigate the removal of external noise. A data compression algorithm was developed to store the discharge data in an efficient manner; also ensuring the backward compatibility to the existing analysis software. Tests were performed in laboratory and on machines on-site and the results are presented. Finally, the data acquisition (DAQ) cards that used the PCMCIA bus was replaced with new USB based DAQ cards with the software modified accordingly. The three phase data acquisition unit developed as a result of this project has produced encouraging results and will be implemented in an industrial environment to evaluate and benchmark its performance with the existing system. Most importantly, a hardware data acquisition platform for the detection of PD pulses has been established within the company which is easily maintainable and expandable to suit any future requirements.


JOSHI, A.R. 2011. On-line measurement of partial discharges in high voltage rotating machines. Robert Gordon University, MPhil thesis.

Thesis Type Thesis
Deposit Date Jan 5, 2012
Publicly Available Date Jan 5, 2012
Public URL
Award Date Sep 30, 2011


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