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Case-based situation awareness.

Nwiabu, Nuka; Allison, Ian; Holt, Patrik; Lowit, Peter; Oyeneyin, Babs


Nuka Nwiabu

Ian Allison

Patrik Holt

Peter Lowit

Babs Oyeneyin


Situation-aware case-based decision support (SACBDS) systems comprise two distinct parts: situation awareness (SA) and case-based reasoning (CBR). The SA part keeps a finite history of the time space information of the domain and uses rules to interpret cues from the environment with respect to an individual user's context, and then anticipates future situations by performing statistical inference over historical data. The CBR part is the part that seeks to accomplish a particular task with knowledge of the environment from the SA component. This paper discusses the fusion of the CBR model and the SA model into a case-based situation awareness (CBSA) model for situation awareness based on experience rather than rule, similarity assessment and problem solving prediction. The CBSA system perceives the users' context and the environment and uses them to understand the current situation by retrieving similar past situations. Every past situation has a history. The future of a new situation (case) is predicted through knowledge of the history of a similar past situation. The paper evaluates the concept in the flow assurance control domain to predict the formation of hydrate in sub-sea oil and gas pipelines. The results provided the CBSA system with greater number of accurate predictions than the SACBDS system.


NWIABU, N., ALLISON, I., HOLT, P., LOWIT, P. and OYENEYIN, B. 2012. Case-based situation awareness. In Proceedings of the 2012 IEEE international multi-disciplinary conference on cognitive methods in situation awareness and decision support (CogSIMA 2012), 6-8 March 2012, New Orleans, USA. New York: IEEE [online], article number 6188388, pages 22-29. Available from:

Conference Name 2012 IEEE international multi-disciplinary conference on cognitive methods in situation awareness and decision support (CogSIMA 2012)
Conference Location New Orleans, USA
Start Date Mar 6, 2012
End Date Mar 8, 2012
Acceptance Date Mar 8, 2012
Online Publication Date Mar 8, 2012
Publication Date Apr 23, 2012
Deposit Date Jun 7, 2012
Publicly Available Date Jun 7, 2012
Publisher Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
Article Number 6188388
Pages 22-29
Series ISSN 2379-1667
ISBN 9781467303439; 9781467303446
Keywords Situation awareness; Context awareness; Case-based reasoning; Human cognition; Hydrate formation
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