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From of, to with, to and? Anti-disciplinary exhibition making with art and anthropology.

Clarke, Jen


Jen Clarke


Roger Sansi


As lines between 'social practice' in art and social research blur, anthropologists are increasingly taking on curatorial roles in contemporary art settings and/or employing artistic methodologies in exhibition-making. This chapter explores some dynamics of anthropology and art practice in this broad context by discussing specific experiences of being 'curator' and being 'curated', looking at forms of identity, knowledge and, warily, aesthetics. The exhibition Speculative Ground included different forms of curation. Collaborations with anthropology should begin by questioning existing relations. It is precisely the fact that anthropology is constituted by knowledge that is responsible for its 'underdeveloped aesthetic'. Convergences in art and anthropology can be seen in terms of inter- or transdisciplinarity. There are many definitions related to integrating or exchanging knowledge across subject boundaries. Developing clearer understandings of 'resistances' as well as the convergences would help establish the ground for a 'hybrid' work.

Publication Date Dec 31, 2020
Publisher Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Pages 133-146
Book Title The anthropologist as curator
Chapter Number 8
ISBN 9781350081901
Institution Citation CLARKE, J. 2020. From of, to with, to and? Anti-disciplinary exhibition making with art and anthropology. In Sansi, R. (ed.) The anthropologist as curator. Abingdon: Routledge [online], chapter 8, pages 133-146. Available from:
Keywords Contemporary art; Anthropology; Ethnography; Artists; Museums


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