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Berlin: a city awaits: the interplay between political ideology, architecture and identity.

Mair, Neil; Zaman, Quazi Mahtab


Neil Mair

Quazi Mahtab Zaman


This book is a companion to an earlier book ("Potsdamerplatz: the reshaping of Berlin") also by Quazi Mahtab Zaman. Political meaning in architecture has been a subject of interest to many critics and writers. The most notable of these include Charles T. Goodsell and Kenneth Frampton. In Goodsell's (1988) statement, "Political places are not randomly or casually brought into existence" (ibid, p. 8), the stipulation is that architecture has been used very deliberately in the past to bolster connotations of power and strength, in cities representative of larger nations and political movements. The question central to this book relates to how this can be achieved. Goodsell argues that any study of the interplay between political ideology, architecture and identity demands a place imbued with political ideas, opposed to "cold concepts and lifeless abstractions" (Goodsell 1988, p. 1). As a means through which to examine and evaluate the ways in which the development of cities can be influenced by political and ideological tendencies, this brief book focuses on Berlin as a political discourse, given its significant destruction and reorganisation to reinstate its identity, in the context of geopolitics and the advent of globalisation. The file accompanying this book is just a representative extract from the entire work, which can be purchased from the publisher's website:

Book Type Monograph
Publisher Springer (part of Springer Nature)
Series Title SpringerBriefs in geography
Series ISSN 2211-4165
ISBN 9783030514488
Institution Citation MAIR, N. and ZAMAN, Q.M. [2021]. Berlin: a city awaits: the interplay between political ideology, architecture and identity. SpringerBriefs in geography. Cham: Springer [online]. Available from:
Keywords Architecture and politics; Architecture and society; Urban planning; German architecture; Germany; Berlin
Publisher URL