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Small pieces of Scotland? (2002)
Journal Article
KINCHIN, J. and PEACH, A. 2002. Small pieces of Scotland? Souvenirs and the good design debate 1946-80. Journal of the Scottish Society for Art History, 7, pages 23-30.

For those agencies concerned with the promotion of design and craft in post-war Scotland, and with the development of tourism more generally, souvenirs proved a source of constant anxiety and embarrassment. There were always going to be problems in t... Read More about Small pieces of Scotland?.

Reinterpreting the craft object. (2002)
Presentation / Conference
PEACH, A. and REW, C. 2002. Reinterpreting the craft object. Presented at Craft in the twenty-first century: theorising change and practice, 15-17 November 2002, Edinburgh, UK.

How does an art gallery make its collection more accessible and meaningful to students of design and craft today? How can todays students be persuaded that galleries are not simply places full of old stuff, but instead a potentially valuable and stim... Read More about Reinterpreting the craft object..

Breaking moulds: Brian Glassar. [Exhibition] (2002)
Exhibition / Performance
Breaking moulds: Brian Glassar. Exhibition held on 4 March - 3 April 2002, Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh.

These catalogue entries were written by Andrea Peach to accompany the exhibition at the Scottish Gallery in 2002. The casting of glass and iron, as both concept and process, is central to the work in this exhibition. Glassar’s recent work has explore... Read More about Breaking moulds: Brian Glassar. [Exhibition].