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A case-based approach for content planning in data-to-text generation. (2022)
Conference Proceeding
UPADHYAY, A. and MASSIE, S. 2022. A case-based approach for content planning in data-to-text generation. In Keane, M.T. and Wiratunga, N. (eds.) Case-based reasoning research and development: proceedings of the 30th International conference on case-based reasoning (ICCBR 2022), 12-15 September 2022, Nancy, France. Lecture notes in computer science, 13405. Cham: Springer [online], pages 380-394. Available from:

The problem of Data-to-Text Generation (D2T) is usually solved using a modular approach by breaking the generation process into some variant of planning and realisation phases. Traditional methods have been very good at producing high quality texts b... Read More about A case-based approach for content planning in data-to-text generation..