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Biography Dr David Corsar is a lecturer in the School of Computing at RGU. His research in Artificial Intelligence focuses on intelligent systems that combine knowledge representation and reasoning methods from the Semantic Web and machine learning / deep learning fields. This has recently been applied in online market-places to improve Oil and Gas decommissioning, ensuring online content reflects legislation, and supporting the explanability of AI models. He received his Ph.D. (2009, University of Aberdeen) in the area of knowledge reuse, through a novel combination of ontology mapping and ontology based knowledge acquisition. In subsequent Research Fellow posts at the University of Aberdeen, working in interdisciplinary teams, he explored his interests developing ontologies to describe application domains, integrating data from heterogeneous sources, such as open data, data from citizens, the Internet of Things, and social media. A theme of his research is understanding the role of provenance within intelligent systems, to increase system transparency, support assessments of information quality, and enhance explainability of black- and grey-box AI models. As a member of the W3C Provenance Working Group, he was involved with developing a standard ontology for the interchange of provenance information on the Web.
Research Interests Knowledge Representation, Knowledge Reasoning, Semantic Web, Knowledge Graphs, Provenance, Crowdsourcing, Human Computation, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Explainability, Transparency, Internet of Things
Teaching and Learning Mobile Application Development, Internet of Things
Scopus Author ID 14059866600