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Biography John N.A. Brown recently left his career as a consulting researcher for Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Amazon, and others to join RGU. Author and editor of three books with Springer, and articles in the Bloomsbury Encyclopaedia of Design, the Salem Encyclopedia of Mathematics and Society, and numerous journals across several fields, Dr Brown has lectured at universities, conferences, industry events and research centres on four continents, on topics such as Scientific Thinking, Research Methods, Scientific Writing, Computer Animation & Storytelling, Applied Biomechanics, and the Neuropsychology of Video Games. He is the founder of Anthropology-Based Computing and conducts research into HCI, UX, the quantification of qualitative data, and modelling self-reflective individual and networked AIs.
Research Interests I use the tools of neuropsychology, ergonomics, biomechanics, anthropology, engineering, computer science, and design to study how humans and their tools co-adapt and co-evolve, and so shape and are shaped by society, technology, and the world. I’ve developed new models of human cognition and of interaction. I’ve used motion capture to study the physiological strain of HCI, and both EEG and Anthropological methods to improve interaction with Smart Homes and smart phones. I’ve developed new tools to map hazards and quantify qualitative experiences in order to formalize the science of UX. I am also trying make AIs self-reflective, improving their ability to adapt and to interact with others.
Teaching and Learning I am currently module leader on 3rd year User Centred Design (CM3114) and 4th year Human Computer Interaction (CM4110). Both modules showcase the path from pre-historical to historical and then modern technology, and the conscious and unconscious forces at play. Both modules teach theory and practice and challenge students to demonstrate their growing understanding of the field.
I have also been teaching guest lectures and seminars, including qualitative research methods for Graduate Students at Gray's School of Art, quantitative research methods for RGU's School of Graduate Studies, and a professional workshop on AI and pareidolia for staff at the Law School.
I've also established the new S.O.C.R.A.T.E.S. series of workshops and discussions designed as a community of support and learning for early-career researchers and teachers here in the School of Computing, and the P.L.A.T.O. seminar series that brings professionals from a variety of fields here to RGU to discuss how they use computing.
PhD Supervision Availability Yes
PhD Topics General:
HCI, CHI, Ergonomics, UX, and HF
Anthropology-Based Computing;
Calm Computing;
Peripheral Interaction;
Kind Computing
More Specifically:
Quantifying Qualitative Data in HCI, CHI, UX and HF;
Formalizing the Science of UX by Introd