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Biography Currently working as a lecturer in the School of Engineering, RGU, Anil has experience as a researcher in various areas of engineering. His PhD was on the structural health monitoring (SHM) of adhesive bonded structures using experimental and numerical methods. He worked as a research fellow on thermal spray based surface coatings used in biomedical applications. He has 6+ years of experience in the application of experimental and numerical (FEA, CFD) methods in studying complex physical phenomena. Working as a mechanical engineer, he developed numerical models of subsea energy generation and storage systems.

His expertise is in the areas of numerical modelling using FEA, CFD, SHM, Instrumented mechanical testing design, thermal spray coatings
Research Interests His current research interests are SHM using NDT methods, composite materials fatigue, Digital Twins, Thermal spray coating process digitalisation, Sensor development for structural monitoring
Teaching and Learning His teaching is in the area of stress analysis using the Finite Element Method, material behaviour, Engineering Design. Modules taught are:

EN2101 : Engineering Design
EN2703 : Mechanical Engineering Design - 1
EN4500 : Engineering Analysis - 2
EN4702 : Systems Engineering
EN5500 : Engineering Analysis - 3