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An investigation into contemporary tobacco smoking behaviour in Nigeria: the impact of cultural transference on consumer behaviour and usage intentions.

Adewusi, Idowu


Idowu Adewusi


Peter Atorough


Tobacco has continued to be a global threat, particularly in developing countries. While it appears that the demands for tobacco products have continued to fall in many developed countries, tobacco growing and consumption is posited to become increasingly concentrated in developing countries. Studies have consistently linked the increase to its commercialisation by the tobacco industry and globalisation is acknowledged to play a vital role in its evolution. Although the emerging area of study to understand this phenomenon has focused on the economic, policy implementation and health behavioural aspects, behavioural issues such as the impact of the change in the global environment on tobacco use behaviour is unclear. This relatively unexplored issue is therefore the subject of this research. This thesis investigates the effect of the current anti-tobacco regime in major developed countries on the usage of tobacco products in developing countries. The research argues that the change in tobacco use behaviour on a global level - where tobacco is increasingly becoming less socially acceptable - is capable of influencing tobacco use behaviour in developing countries. The core theoretical focus is on consumer behaviour, particularly cultural values and personality traits, and the impact of cultural transference on tobacco usage intention. The study adopted an interdisciplinary approach for rigorous review and integration of a body of texts critical to current knowledge on contemporary tobacco use behaviour. It deployed the research technique in a single setting in a focused attempt to draw parallels with existing theories and models, and to extend the theory within the field of consumer behaviour through triangulation. The data collection methods for the study consisted of a combination of mixed-method research. The first method for this research is an in-depth interview in the form of a series of focus groups, followed by the use of a questionnaire. The justification for this is the richness and depth of information gained from the analysis of multiple sources of data available to the researcher within a single setting. The findings from the research show a subtle link between tobacco use behaviour in Nigeria and the ongoing events in the global environment. It demonstrated that while the global environment may influence individual tobacco use behaviour, individuals make decisions against the backdrop of interpretation of the global environment, within the constraints of their local environment. This study contributes to the utilisation of global consumer culture to advance tobacco use control. It also identifies and recommends areas for future studies.


ADEWUSI, I. 2021. An investigation into contemporary tobacco smoking behaviour in Nigeria: the impact of cultural transference on consumer behaviour and usage intentions. Robert Gordon University, PhD thesis. Hosted on OpenAIR [online]. Available from:

Thesis Type Thesis
Deposit Date Jun 7, 2021
Publicly Available Date Jun 7, 2021
Keywords Tobacco consumption; Tobacco usage; Tobacco control; Consumer behaviour; Consumer psychology; Consumer culture; Cultural transference; Globalisation; Nigeria
Public URL
Publisher URL
Award Date Feb 28, 2021


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