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Microstructural evaluation of suspension thermally sprayed WC-Co nanocomposite coatings.

Ahmed, Rehan; Faisa, Nadimul Haque; Ali, O.; Al-Anazi, Nayef M.; Al-Mutairi, S.; Mamour, S.; Polychroniadis, E.K.; Goosen, Mattheus F.A.


Rehan Ahmed

Nadimul Haque Faisa

O. Ali

Nayef M. Al-Anazi

S. Al-Mutairi

S. Mamour

E.K. Polychroniadis

Mattheus F.A. Goosen


E.K. Polychroniadis

Ahmet Yavuz Oral

Mehmet Ozer


Microstructural and sliding wear evaluations of nanostructured coatings deposited by Suspension High Velocity Oxy-Fuel (S-HVOF) spraying were conducted in as-sprayed and HIPed (Hot Isostatically Pressed) conditions. S-HVOF coatings were nanostructured via ball milling of the WC-12Co start powder, and deposited via an aqueous based suspension using modified HVOF (TopGun) spraying. Microstructural evaluations of these hardmetal coatings included TEM (Transmission Electron Microscopy), X-ray Diffraction (XRD) and Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM). Sliding wear tests were conducted using a ball-on-flat test rig. Results indicated that nanostructured features inherited from the start powder in S-HVOF spraying were retained in the resulting coatings. The decarburisation of WC due to a higher surface area to volume ratio was also observed in the S-HVOF coatings. Nanostructured and amorphous phases caused by the high cooling rates during thermal spraying crystallized into complex eta-phases after the HIPing treatment. Sliding wear performance indicated that the coating wear was lower for the HIPed coatings.

Start Date Oct 16, 2014
Publication Date May 5, 2015
Print ISSN 0930-8989
Publisher Springer (part of Springer Nature)
Pages 31-38
Series Title Springer proceedings in physics
Series Number 164
Series ISSN 0930-8989
ISBN 9783319169187
Institution Citation AHMED, R., FAISAL, N.H., ALI, O., AL-ANAZI, N.M., AL-MUTAIRI, S., MAMOUR, S., POLYCHRONIADIS, E.K. and GOOSEN, M.F.A. 2015. Microstructural evaluation of suspension thermally sprayed WC-Co nanocomposite coatings. In Polychroniadis, E.K., Oral, A.Y. and Ozer, M. (eds.) Proceedings of the 2nd International multidisciplinary microscopy and microanalysis congress 2014 (InterM), 16-19 October 2014, Oludeniz, Turkey. Springer proceedings in physics, 164. Cham: Springer [online], pages 31-38. Available from:
Keywords Nanostructured coating; WCCo coating; Suspension spraying; Wear; Tribology


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