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Automatic features characterization from 3d facial images.

Elyan, Eyad; Ugail, Hassan


Hassan Ugail


Hamid R. Arabnia

Leonidas Deligiannidis

Ashu M. G. Solo


This paper presents a novel and computationally fast method for automatic identification of symmetry profile from 3D facial images. The algorithm is based on the concepts of computational geometry which yield fast and accurate results. In order to detect the symmetry profile of a human face, the tip of the nose is identified first. Assuming that the symmetry plane passes through the tip of the nose, the symmetry profile is then extracted. This is undertaken by means of computing the intersection between the symmetry plane and the facial mesh, resulting in a planner curve that accurately represents the symmetry profile. Experimentation using two different 3D face databases was carried out, resulting in fast and accurate results.

Start Date Jul 12, 2010
Publication Date Jul 15, 2010
Publisher CSREA Press Inc
Pages 67-73
ISBN 1601321368
Institution Citation ELYAN, E. and UGAIL, H. 2010. Automatic features characterization from 3d facial images. In Arabnia, H.R., Deligiannidis, L. and Solo, A.M.G. (eds.) Proceedings of the 14th International computer graphics and virtual reality conference (CGVR 2010), 12-15 July 2010, Las Vegas, USA. Georgia, USA: CSREA Press, pages 67-73.
Keywords 3D images; Features extraction; Facial symmetry; Computational geometry


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